Nestjsmongoose auto increment

原因分析. 经过排查,是因为参数“sql_mode”设置了NO_FIELD_OPTIONS属性。. sql_mode相关属性介绍:. NO_FIELD_OPTIONS:不要在SHOW CREATE TABLE的输出中打印MySQL专用列选项。. NO_KEY_OPTIONS:不要在SHOW CREATE TABLE的输出中打印MySQL专用索引选项。. NO_TABLE_OPTIONS:不要在SHOW CREATE.

According to this mongodb article it is possible to auto increment a field and I would like the use the counters collection way. The problem with that example is that I don’t have thousands of. This entry is part 45 of 82 in the API with NestJS 1. API with NestJS #1. Controllers, routing and the module structure 2. API with NestJS #2. Setting up a PostgreSQL database with TypeORM 3. API with NestJS #3. Authenticating users with bcrypt, Passport, JWT, and cookies 4. API with NestJS #4. Error handling and data validation 5.

Automaticly Increment properties. Latest version: 1.8.0, last published: 2 months ago. Start using @typegoose/auto-increment in your project by running `npm i @typegoose/auto-increment`. There are 2 other projects in the npm registry using @typegoose/auto-increment.




There are two ways of working with transactions with Mongoose. To have full control over it, we can call the startTransaction method: const session = await this.connection.startSession(); session.startTransaction(); When we indicate that everything worked fine, we need to call session.commitTransaction(). Managing transactions with MongoDB and Mongoose. September 6, 2021. This entry is part 46 of 80 in the API with NestJS. 1. API with NestJS #1. Controllers, routing and the.

auto increment in mongoose + nodejs Annoyed..... ... var bookSchema = new Schema ( { author: { type: Schema.Types.ObjectId, ref: 'Author' }, title: String, genre: String, publishDate: Date }); bookSchema.plugin (autoIncrement.plugin, 'Book'); var Book = connection.model ('Book', bookSchema); ```` That's it.

To implement triggers for auto-increment, log into your MongoDB Atlas account, open the cluster you want to work on. and click on Triggers. Click on Add Trigger and set the following values to the corresponding fields. Trigger Type: Database Name : Auto_Increment_Trigger Enabled : ON Event Overriding : ON.